Frequently Asked questions


What is the "DSOM"?  The DSOM is a member of the Association of Assemblies of God District Schools.  Its purpose is to provide training to those sensing the call to ministry whether as a credentialed minister or as an equipped layperson within the local church. 

Where and when are the classes held?  Class sessions are held at the Activity Center on the district campgrounds (Marianna) and at Lifepoint Church in Crestview, one Saturday a month, nine times a year.  An Academic Calendar is available to download from this web site or you can request one from the DSOM  directors. 

How do I register to take a course? Students enroll in the DSOM by completing a "Student Application" (application required at each level of study: Certified, Licensed and Ordained) and a "Course Enrollment" form for each course taken.  These are also available to download from this web site or by calling the DSOM Directors.

Do I have to take a course every month?  No. Students enroll in courses as often as they need or as often as time permits.  Courses from the DSOM can be combined with courses from Global University (self-study) 

How much does it cost?  The cost to attend the DSOM is very reasonable: $50 application fee (application required at each level of study: Certified, Licensed and Ordained) and $80 per course fee (additional $10 delivery fee for materials shipped to home address).  There is a discount for married couples taking the same course. You can audit any course for only $50 (see information regarding "Audit Only" 

What curriculum does the DSOM use?  The DSOM uses the new Berean School of the Bible Independent Study Texts as course curriculum. Students are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of pre-class study of the course IST and take the Unit Progress Evaluations (tests) included in the material. 

What is an "Internship"?  Each level of study requires the student to complete a ministerial internship. Instead of attending a class, the internship requires you to collaborate with your pastor who mentors you through the internship material. These internships can be completed anytime throughout your study regiment, however, most students find if more convenient to complete these during the summer while not attending other classes. For more information, contact the DSOM for a copy of the Internship Policy.

Who are the instructors? The DSOM courses are facilitated by credentialed Assemblies of God ministers from the district.  They are spiritually mature and have personally demonstrated effective ministry. 

 What if I started my studies under the "old Berean" curriculum?  The DSOM directors, in conjunction with the district secretary/treasurer, will develop a study transition plan to incorporate your prior Berean studies with the DSOM studies.